About Us

Our Aim

We aim to provide a safe, caring environment where children can develop self-help skills and are encouraged to become socially adept at the appropriate development stage. The children’s learning needs as well as their personal, social and physical requirements are respected and catered for so that they can utilize their potential to the best of their ability.

Our aim is to make learning an enjoyable, exciting and challenging experience which will give a good foundation for many “Happy Learning” years ahead.

The habits and skills developed in early years will help them to concentrate and work efficiently for a lifetime, no matter where they go. We offer peace of mind to each parent by providing the highest standards of childcare and education for children aged 3 months to 5 years.


We know that the first five years of a child’s life are crucial learning years for future development. Therefore each child is given the opportunity to strengthen positive attitudes towards themselves and others.

Research has shown that in early years, learning plays a crucial role in the development of the intellect, self-esteem and self-confidence. We feel that from an early age the children in our care are given the opportunity to experience well planned activities for all areas of their learning, helping children to feel confident and self-assured and to enjoy being with others.

Learning to talk and communicate is an important skill for the very young child to master. We place the emphasis on listening and sensitively responding to babies and toddlers, prompting language through stories, rhymes and toys, encouraging curiosity for the world around them and helping them to respond to new sensations with items to feel, touch and hold. We aim to make sure that children are emotionally secure at all times whilst able to enjoy the freedom to make decisions.

Safety & Security

The security and safety is of utmost importance, children are only released to those individuals listed on the records of the enrolling parent. If someone other than the parents is to collect a child we expect to be introduced to that individual in advance. In an emergency we would expect you to telephone us and make us aware of who is to collect your child and to agree on a password so that we are certain that the person is known to your child.

Our staff are carefully chosen, not simply for their experience and qualifications but for their ability to work in a team and above all for their commitment and empathy towards the children. All staff (except managers) are required to wear the Millennium First Steps’ uniform which identifies them to parents and children. Prior to starting employment with us, all staff are thoroughly screened by the Criminal Records Bureau.


Parents/Teachers/Nursery Triangle


We encourage parents to participate in their child’s progress. To further parent/teacher communications we schedule 1-1 meetings with each parent twice a year and twice yearly reports inform you of your child’s individual activities and events. The parent/teacher triangle is an Integral part of the healthy development of each child. Sound relationships are formed from –the beginning and are built on throughout the child’s time at the nursery. Key worker staff is available to discuss any concerns on a daily basis and a diary completed for each child.