Our children


At the Millennium First Steps Nursery babies are cared for in a clean, fresh wholesome environment designed for maximum comfort and learning. They are given loving, interactive stimulation activities utilizing developmentally appropriate play equipment. Our curriculum encourages socialization and language development as well as gross and fine motor skills. Our baby rooms are designed as self-contained areas with separate changing areas and milk kitchen.


The Toddler Rooms are designed to accommodate the needs of a child who is growing towards independence. Two year olds are entering the world of change.

Physical, emotional and intellectual development is at an all-time high so our staff are provided with appropriate resources to meet the needs of this stage of development.

School & Montessori (3-5 Years)

The pre-school room offers a well-equipped area with age appropriate activities that include Montessori activities, art, music, manipulative play, home corner, sand & water, dressing-up, imaginative play, games and much more, all of which prepare the children in the development of social skills, sharing, taking turns and positive reaction with peers. It also provides them the freedom of choice within a structured framework.

Each child is helped individually and in a group situation where they are introduced to a stimulating range of interests which include nature, art, cooking, music, numbers, alphabet, sounds and much more. At Millennium First Steps Nursery we believe in nurturing the WHOLE CHILD. When a child is in a sensitive period for language he/she will be introduced to phonetic sounds and pre-reading and pre-writing exercises. Likewise with numbers but not before he/she is ready.

At approximately 3 years old the children move on to the pre-school room, where they will be encouraged to develop at their own pace in a calm and secure atmosphere. The environment is carefully prepared to provide the children with opportunities for learning through play, exploration, creativity and to instil a natural curiosity for learning.

Early learning goals are followed as a framework with the Montessori philosophy, values and activities integrated. All activities available to the children are specially aimed at gaining co-ordination, independence and an enthusiasm for learning, developing social skills and self-confidence.

Learning reading, writing and numbers progresses at each child’s individual level of development. Children are never forced to take part in an activity that they are reluctant to try and are never compared to their peers; they are recognized for their own individual achievements in all areas.

Other Activities

In order to faster stimulation and learning, as well as laughter and fun, children are provided with regularly changing enjoyable projects. There is a wide choice of activities to provide for different tastes including books and story time – singing – music and movement – creative art – games cooking – nature table – home corner – imaginative play – “let’s pretend” – dressing-up – creative play (Clay/Sand/Water) – outside play area and much more.

  • French Lessons – All 2 year olds and above have weekly French lessons by a qualified French Teacher.
  • Swimming – All 3 year olds and above have option to go to the local swimming pool once a week with staff