A great choice

We realise there are many child care centres to choose from and we know that choosing the right one can be a painstaking decision for all parents. Therefore, we invite you to discover what so many have found to be true. You can rely upon Millennium First Steps Nursery staff for love, understanding, professionalism and high standards

We know that your priority is to find a nursery that offers the right setting for your child. At Wonderland Day Nursery we devote our energy to creating a fun and loving environment whilst delivering the best in childcare and education.

Our friendly trained staff are focused on providing fun and education. They work to ensure your child develops as an individual while helping to nurture and encourage learning through discovery and enjoyment.

We pride ourselves in understanding the importance of instilling confidence and enthusiasm from an early age. We want children to feel secure and happy from the start so they can’t wait to come back!

Healthy eating

Breakfast is provided for children above the age of 2 attending 5 full days between 7.30 am and 8.30 am. All children attending full days and morning sessions are provided with a mid-morning snack and a hot cooked lunch. Children attending full days and afternoon sessions are provided with an afternoon snack and afternoon tea.

All meals are planned to be nutritionally balanced and freshly prepared on the premises. The menus are based on a 3-week rotation and are displayed on the notice board for parent information.

What age?

Although the entrance age varies in individual nursery schools, a child can usually enter a Montessori classroom between the age of two and a half and four years of age, depending on when they can be happy and comfortable in a classroom. At Millennium First Steps Nursery the entrance age is 3 months.

The Montessori Ethos is practiced throughout the nursery; this is evident from the calm atmosphere and positive interaction of children and staff. Children’s independence is encouraged from an early age.

They will begin with simple self-help skills and exercises based on activities which all children enjoy. The equipment which they use at age 3 and 4 will help develop their concentration, coordination and working habits necessary for the more advanced exercises they will perform at age 5 and 6.

This is this unique cycle of learning, designed to take advantage of a child’s sensitive years between the ages of three and six, which will help them absorb information from an enriched environment in later years.

Holiday and Nursery closure

For the convenience of working parents, Millennium First Steps Nursery is open from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday all year round and closes only on Bank and Public holidays and 5 working days at Christmas.

Extended opening hours form 7.30 am to 6.30 pm available on request.